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Facts About Freight Broker Bonds

These bonds are paid by those individuals who are in the transportation industry as freight forwarders and brokers. These brokers and their businesses are regulated by the (FMCSA) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This body was established to guarantee payments to shippers and motor carriers whenever the brokers fail to follow or comply with its […]


Relieve Yourself From Debt

As you become older, there are many things that you just realized about things in life and living as an adult human in this society. For example is the amount of responsibilities that comes with having a job, becoming a parent, and managing our own life in general. Another example is how this world and […]


Understanding forex day trading

Forex market offers a great open door for investors to win The Forex market is an electronic system that is designed to allow operators, regardless of their location, to speculate on the development of prices. Operators can participate in the forex market in numerous ways. One of the methods you use is day trading. Forex […]

The Temple Emanu-El Skirball Center

Jewish Heroines Then & Now Categories: Home Page, News Tags: Bible, biblical study, Rabbi Rachel Ain, Real Housewives of the Bible IMG_4510Touting female empowerment, Rabbi Rachel Ain of Sutton Place Synagogue started off class by quoting Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg saying, “Women need to sit front and center if they want to be heard.” Similarly, the […]